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Otolaryngology Head & Neck 3D Simulation Models

Simulation Surgery models for learning the surgeries in a hygienic and easier way

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An otologist in private practice, Dr Prashant has his lifetime pursuit as "The Study of Temporal Bone". His passion for dissection of the temporal bone culminated in the making of exact Artificial 3D-Printed Replica of the bone. Each such artificial temporal bone has every possible internal as well as external anatomical detail, inclusive of patent canals and cochlea. Presently the Vice President of the Indian Society of Otology, Nagpur Chapter, he is also a member of the AAOHNSF and Politzer Society. Additionally, he is a peer reviewer of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery journal. Working independently as an otology tutor to the PG's, and as a faculty at many temporal bone workshops, he has open-for -all temporal bone dissection laboratory.

Dr. Prashant Naik


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From Globally Acclaimed Otolaryngologist

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Dr. Milind Kirtane

MS (ENT), Padma Shri Awardee Consulting ENT Surgeon at P. D. Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai; Breach Candy, Mumbai Saifee Hospital, Mumbai Hon. Surgeon - King Edward Memorial Hospital

“I have used the NuOssa 3D-printed temporal bone for training people in ear surgery, especially in cochlear implants and have found that the anatomical landmarks are really very precise and the feel that you get when you drill this bone is as close to drilling the real temporal bone as possible. So, I find using the NuOssa 3D-printed Temporal bone a very convenient way for training people for ear surgery, especially for cochlear implant surgery. Not only are the anatomical landmarks clear but also even the hollow channel in the cochlea takes the cochlear implant device, that’s the dummy device used for training people and allows full insertion so that the participants get a very real-life feel when training on these bones.”

Why 3D Simulation Models
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    Anatomy of Temporal bone and Paranasal sinuses mandates the attainment of proper skills before venturing for surgical procedures

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    Though cadaveric dissection is a better option, it is often not possible due to varied reasons. Therefore artificial and haptically-matching 3D simulation models prove to be a better alternative to cadaveric bones.

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    Each such artificial temporal bone has every possible internal as well as external anatomical detail, inclusive of patent canals and cochlea. All the mastoid surgeries, inclusive of facial nerve decompression and translabyrinthine approach to internal acoustic meauts and cochlear implant insertion can be practiced on this bone

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    3D Paranasal Sinuses model with specially developed soft tissue gives more than 90% anatomical accuracy. This 3D bone has almost all features of the intricate anatomy: The ethmoid cells, 3 Turbinates, Sphenoid, Uncinate process, bulla ethmoidalis etc

About Workshops

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    Our aim is to impart the necessary confidence of doing live surgeries on the temporal /Paranasal Sinuses bone as well as to equip you with the skills of handling the complications during live surgery. During these unique dissection workshops, to be held on the 3D Simulation model, each participant will be given a bone on which all the external anatomy will be taught.

  • 02

    For learning the intricate anatomy of the bone, the pattern of hands-on dissection will be like demonstration of each step of dissection by the tutor, that will be displayed on the screen, followed by each participant doing the same step on his/her allotted bone.

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    Each working station will be well-equipped with the essential instruments and each step of surgery will be taught under the guidance of experts. Discussions and question/answer sessions will be held after every step of the workshop.

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